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Why child-on-child sex abuse is on the rise

Beth’s story is heartbreaking, but it is becoming more common. Beth* first realised something was wrong when her daughter complained of a rash “down there”. She was a happy nine-year-old. It was … Continue reading

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Lying, coercing, manipulating, defrauding, and scheming — for marriage equality!

Originally posted on The Matt Walsh Blog:
We all know the score. This is how the game is played. They lie, and cooperate with lies, and become willing participants in…

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What are the most vicious MONSTERS in our culture?

Confronting the Monsters in Your Front Yard Voice4Change event hosted by MERCY (Mt Evelyn Christian Reformed Church Youth).At: Mt Evelyn Christian Reformed Church, 45 – 47 Birmingham Road Mt Evelyn, … Continue reading

November 11, 2013 · Leave a comment

Dr Napthine, please return freedom to doctors

Dear Friend, Around the world, Christians’ rights of conscience are under attack.  In the US, a new government measure means that Catholic and other health care providers could be shut … Continue reading

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River of Life Conference with Dr Yonggi Cho

In May 2013 citywide Churches, Christian organisations and Christians in the Marketplace will bring Dr David Yonggi Cho to Melbourne for the River of Life Conference. Today the Australian church … Continue reading

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Abortion–and life

Abortion does not end all the problems; often it just exchanges one set for another. Whether or not one believes in the reality of guilt is not the question at … Continue reading

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World Congress of Families 2013

  Dear friends, online registration is now open for the World Congress of Families 7 Sydney. The aim of WCF is to promote the natural family as the fundamental social … Continue reading

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What makes me a better person?

So at first glance this saying sounds good. Your actions show louder than anything else that you are a good person.  After all, “put your money where your mouth is”, … Continue reading

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A legal sex trade: community will pay the price

SA Councillors Todd Hacking, Lucas Jones and Kevin Knight have spoken out against Steph Key’s disastrous bill to legalise all forms of prostitution (“Council’s Bill fear”, Leader Messenger, 15/8/12, p 16). … Continue reading

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