Empowering young Australians to be a clear Christian voice


Voice4Change empowers young Australians to be a clear Christian voice.

We aim to fulfil the prayer “Thy kingdom come, on earth … (Matthew 6:10)” – seeing Jesus’ values adopted in every part of our society: government, media, education, sport, business, the justice system, and his church – so people and society can be healed.

Voice4Change is the young adult arm of FamilyVoice Australia.

FamilyVoice Australia is an advocacy organisation providing a Christian voice on issues affecting families, the Christian faith and democratic freedoms in our society.  In response to Christ’s call to be salt and light to the world, FamilyVoice’s goal is to promote God’s wise ways, for the common good – helping build a healthy society where individuals, families and communities can thrive and flourish as they fulfil their God-given potential.

FamilyVoice does this in two main ways.  They partner with churches to alert Christians about pressing social issues and empower congregations to make a godly difference in our society.  FamilyVoice also provides carefully researched evidence and information to help state and federal politicians understand the implications of potential changes to legislation and make wise policy decisions.

FamilyVoice Australia is a “faith-based” national ministry – financed by subscriptions and donations from generous individuals and churches throughout Australia.  These funds enable FamilyVoice to employ fulltime spokesmen in all Australian states who regularly speak in churches, to parliamentarians from all parties, and to the public via Christian and secular media.  The income also enables the publication of the national magazines VoxPoint and VoxLink and the employment of support staff in FamilyVoice’s head office, based in Adelaide.

Sign up for a free introductory 6-month subscription to FamilyVoice publications at www.fava.org.au or email office@fava.org.au.


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