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Letter from a stay-home-mum of five

The Liberal 2014 budget may not be burdening the next generation with a financial debt (and I support that effort wholeheartedly). But they will definitely be burdening them with a population deficit which may prove to be even more crippling. Just ask Japan.

Was it too good to be true – that a conservative government truly believed in the value of having children? In 2012 Mr Hockey said the baby bonus was initially introduced by the Howard government to encourage people to have more children and arrest Australia’s declining birth rate. He told ABC television at the time “Now the [Labor] government seems to want to penalise anyone that has a second or third child,” “I think that worked quite well in China, didn’t it?”

Switch to 2014 and not only do we have no Baby Bonus but now they are eroding the last of the incentives for families to have “one for the country”. Now, families on a single income below $100,000 can expect to lose FTB part B once their youngest child turns 6.
So what they are really saying is once your youngest child is 6 mum can get a job. Well, As long as that job is close to home so that the 6 year old can still get to school. Or do we want them in before AND after school care?
And, the workplace would have to have immense flexibility or offer work from home because a run of gastro or flu could have the mum of a large family taking lots of days off work.
The biggest problem with it is that it presumes the 6yo is self sufficient at home alone or that the large family mum can pay for after school care for every child and pick them all up from different schools or activities.
It really bothers me that my dependants can’t depend on me if I’m out working.  Kids still need parents beyond 6 years of age.
And what about the children who are too old for after school care but would still benefit from some supervision.

It is just that the stability I hope to give my family is totally undermined and forfeited.

What I do know is that mothers of large families currently on a single income are going to have to get creative about ways they can make an income because traditional 9-5 roles will just not fit with the family logistics.

And I see the childcare rebate will remain at $7500 per child. So who do they really think should raise children – parents or paid strangers?

But what could you expect from a treasurer with 3 children and a nanny and a prime minister whose wife is director of a childcare centre.
Who’s penalising parents that have a second or third (or fourth or fifth) child now?

That said, I still want to believe Kevin Andrews meant it when he wrote:

“The great majority of couples who innately know that happy and healthy children are their greatest contribution
to the future of humanity can be supported in their choice.” (Maybe I Do, 2013)

Rosina Gordon
Awesome Mother’s Association
Baulkham Hills, NSW


One comment on “Letter from a stay-home-mum of five

  1. B
    May 20, 2014

    Very well written. Couldn’t agree more. I also have 5 children my youngest is 6.
    Are you aware that family tax benefit part A is also being axed for families earning over $94,000?
    So in my case that’s $700 per month that we will lose.
    Also in my case one of my children is quite disabled, which means she will never be capable of supervising herself after school, making it near impossible for me to get a job.. as well as all the reasons you mentioned!
    What a disappointment this budget is for families.

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