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Legal brothels not working

sad girl

The Netherlands has admitted that its decision in 2000 to legalise brothels has failed to stem human trafficking.

A similar debate is under way in Germany, which followed the Netherlands in liberalizing prostitution in 2002.

In Sweden, ten years after it passed tighter laws against the sex trade – criminalising pimps, brothel owners and buyers, an independent evaluation found Sweden to be an “undesirable” destination for traffickers because fewer men buy sex.

The legalisation of prostitution in Australia has failed to protect prostituted women from violence. In 2011, A 65 year old sex worker was found dead. Police later suspected that one of her regular clients killed her during a sex act. During the same week, police found another 24 years old sex worker’s dead body in a separate incident.

SA MPs should vote against Steph Key’s Decriminalisation of Sex Work Bill!

If you live in SA, please ask your MP to vote against it.


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