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Why many studies on same-sex parenting are flawed

Did you know that over 50 studies seeming to support the claim that same-sex couples parent just as well as married man-woman couples were found to be fundamentally flawed?

Many studies relied on same-sex couples who volunteered, knowing their answers could promote the same-sex agenda. Many allowed the parents and step-parents to assess their own children’s progress – hardly an independent judgement! Samples were often small and control groups, if present, were not adequately matched with the same-sex couple families.

A lot of research touted by homosexual lobbies is based on the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study. The snowball-sample study is about to enter its third decade of following the same 78 respondents, who were “planned” and born to lesbian mothers employing artificial reproductive technology.

Note Dr Mark Regnerus’ comments about the study (National Review Online, 12/11/12):

For nearly 20 years the scholarly community has been treated to studies of this unique small cluster of kids, and the general public has been left with the impression that they represent the whole population of children of American lesbian mothers. They do not.

The NLLFS employs a convenience sample, recruited entirely from announcements posted ‘at lesbian events, in women’s bookstores, and in lesbian newspapers’ in Boston, San Francisco, and Washington.

Could it be that these children’s parents have never sought to influence their responses, or reminded them of the ramifications of their answers, or shown them the media attention accorded them, or simply introduced them to the NLLFS website?

I don’t believe the 78 kids in the NLLFS are capable of reporting unbiased information any more, not after a childhood and adolescence spent entirely in a fishbowl.

Dr Regnerus’ own study – a large, randomised study with sound methodology – found that children raised by their married natural parents did better than those raised in all other family types. 

Here’s a comparison of Dr Mark Regnerus’ study with other parenting studies:

NFSS Study


One comment on “Why many studies on same-sex parenting are flawed

  1. roscoe74
    May 21, 2013

    Are these the same studies that former Kevin Rudd was referring to when he wrote his article declaring his support for same sex marriage. He claims that there is peer reviewed research showing that there are no adverse effects on a child’s development from being raised by same sex parents.

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