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Forced adoption grief–and surrogacy


Our Prime Minister and Opposition Leader have made heartfelt apologies to the mothers and children separated at birth by coercive adoption practices.    It is clear that even when the children dearly loved their adoptive parents, they still yearned to connect with their biological parents – just as their biological mothers yearned for them.

But has anyone stopped to think what we are doing to the current generation of children created artificially with donor gametes and gestated by surrogate mothersThey also long to know their genetic origins.  A large randomised US study indicates that donor-conceived children are more likely to struggle with depression and substance abuse than other children , included those who were adopted.

Adoption can be a compassionate solution for a child whose natural parents are unable to provide adequate care.  Surrogacy is fundamentally different – intentionally creating a child as a commodity to fulfil the desires of adult singles or couples.

Will future governments have to apologise for current governments that have legalised surrogacy?


More from Angela Shanahan here.


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