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Where WA candidates and parties stand

We have sent our 10-question election survey to all major parties – if you have not checked their replies, do click here.

We’ve scored the responses as follows, with higher scores indicating positions that better support family, faith and freedom.

The Australian Christians have scored a total of 100; Family First also 100; Colin Barnett’s Liberal Party, 63; Nationals, 50; the Shooters and Fishers, 50; Mark McGowan’s WA Labor, 46; The Greens, 28.

The Nationals and Shooters and Fishers have mostly indicated (with some qualifications) that our questions are matters of individual conscience for their candidates.  So far, candidates have been unwilling to tell us just what their conscience is in these areas.

Most other candidates simply refer us to their official party response.  We have not yet been able to contact most Independent candidates.

But there are some shining exceptions to the “party scores”:

Nick Goiran (Liberal, South Metropolitan, Legislative Council): 100

Peter Abetz (Liberal, Southern River): 100

Rob Johnson (Liberal, Hillarys): 100

Phil Edman (Liberal, South Metropolitan, Legislative Council): 82 (“yes definitely” for all questions except legal brothels and same-sex “marriage”, where he said “no comment”).

All Australian Christians candidates scored 100, as did all Family First candidates.

Joe Nardizzi (Independent, unofficially Democratic Labor Party, for the East Metropolitan district in the Legislative Council) scored 100.

In addition, some Liberal, Labor and Nationals candidates have revealed their opposition to euthanasia or have voted against it in the past.  This information would increase their score to an extra five or eight points above their party score (to 68 for Liberals, 51 for WA Labor, 55 for Nationals and 36 for the Greens).

For example Colin Barnett (Liberal, Cottesloe) scores 68 because he has stated he would vote against euthanasia – five points more than the Liberal party score of 63.

Other Liberal candidates with an increased score of 68 in the Legislative Assembly are – Butler: Linda Aitken; Cockburn: Don Barrett; Eyre: Graham Jacobs; Joondalup: Jan Norberger; Kwinana: John Jamieson; Rockingham: Matthew Pollock.

Others with increased scores in the Legislative Assembly are – Armadale: Tony Buti (WA Labor, 51); Cockburn: Shannon Hewitt (Greens, 36); Kalgoorlie: Wendy Duncan (Nationals, 55); Kingsley: Brian Corr (WA Labor, 51).

Liberals in the Legislative Council who scored 68Agricultural: Chown; East Metropolitan: Morton, Faragher, Hayden; Mining and Pastoral: Barton; North Metropolitan: Collier, Mischin, Behjat, Katsambanis; South Metropolitan: O’Brien; South West: McSweeney, House, Hallett.

WA Labor candidates in the Legislative Council who scored 51Agricultural, Benson-Lidholm; North Metropolitan: Ravlich; South Metropolitan, Doust.


We cannot tell you how to number your ballot papers – we can only provide information about candidates’ views on key issues.

Remember that by placing  a candidate with Christian family values as number one on the ballot paper, you are sending an important message to the major parties.  If your number one preference does not succeed, your number two preference will get your vote in full.  If number two is eliminated, your vote is transferred to your number three – and so on.

Please number your ballot papers with care and prayer.

May God bless you!

David Lowe

FamilyVoice WA State Officer


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