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The SA Upper House

SA Legislative CouncilYou could walk past South Australia’s Legislative Councillors in the street and never recognise them, even though their decisions can stop the South Australian government in its tracks.

Who are those 22 powerful individuals, and what is their purpose?

To answer that question we have just issued our latest guide to the South Australian Legislative Council (the Upper House of State Parliament) including the names, pictures and key responsibilities of its members.

It is fascinating to watch the Legislative Council at work.

Independent and minor parties hold the balance of power within that Upper House, and can agree with the Government or the Opposition.

Sometimes the Government gets the approval, but is frequently stopped in its tracks.

All 22 members greatly need wisdom from God, and the prayers of Christian people!

If you’d like a FamilyVoice prayer calendar, please email office@fava.org.au  with heading “Please send prayer calendar”.


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