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Don’t judge me

clip_image001None of us like others thinking badly of us, do we?  We don’t want people jumping to negative conclusions about us just because they don’t understand us.  If they understood what my life was like, they would think my actions were justified. What do they know about me anyway?

The problem is we usually use quotes like these to justify things we do, that we ourselves know deep down are wrong, because we’ve already judged ourselves.

I only swear because I work in hospitality and everyone there does it and so I can’t help it.  Don’t judge me.
I drove a little bit too fast and slid on the wet road and crashed the car, but I was running late.  Don’t judge me.
I just got angry and snapped, you don’t know what the rest of my day was like.  Don’t judge me.

Sayings like those in this poster can be used to defend any type of behaviour.  A burglar could say these words to justify his behaviour.  “Hey, you don’t know what my life has been like, don’t judge me”.

FatherConsolingSonBut saying something like this doesn’t condone or excuse behaviour that is wrong.  There are still consequences for our actions.  In fact we should be judging behaviour that is wrong.  As Christians we should judge other Christians (1 Corinthians 5:12-13) and lovingly rebuke them for ungodly behaviour (Luke 17:3, Titus 1:13).  If they don’t listen to rebuke, Paul says that we should have nothing to do with people who call themselves Christian but who do not act in a godly way (2 Timothy 3:1-9).

When have you used a quote like this to justify yourself to someone?  How would someone lovingly respond to you in this situation? 


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