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On democracy and theocracy

Christian civic ministry groups like FamilyVoice Australia are sometimes accused of trying to impose a theocracy on Australia.

However, what we have is a ministry of persuasion, not imposition.

When individuals are persuaded to adopt a policy, it is an outcome of democracy, not theocracy.

A democracy strong and true allows robust public debate. It allows divergent viewpoints to be voiced – so that people can weigh the evidence and discern which view is the best vision for the nation, and then vote accordingly.

Inspired by God’s purposes, we approach our leaders with reasoned research that supports biblical teaching on marriage, family, the equal dignity of all human life – and government limited by constitution and subject to the checks and balances on political power.

The church has a role to play in a strong public discourse, one of service, not rule.

Get in touch with us if you’d like one of our bookmarks reminding us to pray for all those in authority.


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