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Reform Section 8: contact your MP

Janet Gross is a general practitioner with a busy medical practice in Dandenong, a lower-income suburb with a large number of immigrants and refugees. Most weeks two or three patients come in with an unwanted pregnancy. They are usually confused and depressed, sometimes desperate. Many of them say they want an abortion. But Gross does not think abortion as a first resort is good medicine.

“I am sure that an unwanted pregnancy can be as devastating as a diagnosis of cancer,” she says. “But there are issues that push women to desperation. For the patient, it is not an ideological issue. They all precede by saying: ‘I have no choice.’ For her it is practical, emotional, and they need breathing space.”

Most of these women go on to give birth. Despite their initial reaction, they didn’t really want to have an abortion in the first place. However, under Victoria’s abortion laws passed in 2008, a caring GP such as Gross could be prosecuted if she refused to refer someone to have an abortion.

Please ask your MP to Reform Section 8


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