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Homosexuality & social justice


Premier Giddings says redefining marriage is “not about picking fights, but about doing what you think is right”.

Depriving children of having both a father and a mother is certainly not the right thing to do, whatever benefits it may or may not bring to the Tasmanian economy.  Also consider:

Advocates of social justice pride themselves on their supposed compassion towards minority groups such as homosexuals. But how is it compassionate to encourage people to enter or to remain in such a destructive lifestyle? Genuine compassion towards homosexuals is not served by acceptance of their propaganda and approval of their lifestyle. It is served by disputation and disapproval.

Truly compassionate Christians should, in the first instance, grieve over the suffering that homosexuals inflict upon themselves by their sexual behaviours and, in the second instance, do all in their power to encourage homosexuals to abandon their lifestyle. Social justice advocates do neither of these things.

Andrew Lansdown


2 comments on “Homosexuality & social justice

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  2. stuart
    April 24, 2013

    this is disgusting! as long as people love each other who cares if its with two men or two women. just because parents are the same gender doesn’t mea they’ll be bad parents bigotry.

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