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SA brothel bill & sexual exploitation

Steph Key and Gail Gago’s Sex Work Reform Bill 2012 will allow brothels to operate close to schools, childcare centres and churches if passed.

This is a huge concern. As David Penberthy says, “I don’t want a brothel in my backyard, and I suspect that unless you happen to be Larry Flynt, you don’t either.”

Blank white speech bubblesOn 18 July Wednesday night, Dennis Hood MLC gave an excellent speech in SA Parliament.

Speaking against Gail Gago’s Sex Work Reform Bill 2012, Mr Hood opened his speech by saying:

“To consider this bill we need to gain an understanding of what prostitution really is. It is often portrayed as an agreement between a willing purchaser and a willing vendor, to which there could be no objection. The truth is that the damage done by prostitution to relationships between married couples is undeniable. Women who work as prostitutes are often degraded and suffer psychological harm that they are unlikely to ever overcome. I think we would all be reviled if it was suggested that our daughters become prostitutes. Why would we permit other parents’ daughters to do the same?

Mr Hood then quoted extensively from “Prostitution, Trafficking, and Cultural Amnesia: What We Must Not Know in order To Keep the Business of Sexual Exploitation Running Smoothly”, Yale Journal of Law and Feminism – describing the sexual abuse, violence, and sometimes lethal consequences of prostitution. The article says:

Women in prostitution are described as escorts, hostesses, strippers, dancers, and sex workers. Sometimes these words are used by women in prostitution in order to retain some dignity. The term sex worker suggests that prostitution is a reasonable job for poor women, rather than a violation of their human rights. The words sex worker imply ‘order, hierarchy, and accountability…It says board of directors…and marketplace niche.’ In that one word—work—we lose ground in the political struggle to understand prostitution as violence against women.

Prostitution undermines the dignity of women. Read Mr Hood’s speech to understand why!


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