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Why is the biological family important?

We need the familyYesterday, we highlighted the goal of homosexual rights movement: sexual liberation and the destruction of the family (see Simon Copland’s blogpost and Star Observer article).

We left you with a question: is sexual liberation and the destruction of the family a good thing?

To answer that question, we need to explore the value of the family. Do we need families, or is there a better way to bring up children?

Some people claim the family is an oppressive social construct. However, the experience of history shows family and liberty to be natural companions, not enemies.

The family is the primary training ground for individual responsibility, for self-sacrifice, for seeking a common goal rather than self interest. Without those virtues, democracy breaks down in an unrestrained battle of each against the other.

Only strong families can build a society strong enough to make representative democracy secure.

Conversely, only in a society that allows individual freedom can family members exercise the initiative and responsibility that makes for strong family life. Children who do not learn to live out commitments to others in a family do not learn to live within a larger society either. If we wish to see a renewal of liberty, we must work for a renaissance of the family.

We leave you with a quote by Margaret Mead:

“No matter how many communes anybody invents,
the family always creeps back.”


2 comments on “Why is the biological family important?

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