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Slipping further down the slope


Did you read the news yesterday?

Now a prominent Greens official has said it: same-sex “marriage” discriminates against polyamorists (The Australian, 17/7/12).

Check out Greens ACT Convenor Simon Copland’s blogpost. He says he is not opposed to ssm, but: “I just think we need to use it as a step to a broader goal of sexual liberation”.

In an article for Star Observer, Simon also says: “Queer activism is not about obtaining access to heteropatriarchal structures, but about sexual liberation.”

So, is this sexual liberation good or bad?

Guys, sexual liberation is an ideology that stands completely opposite to the value of life-long commitment – the very value that makes marriage powerful. This ideology views the nuclear family as an oppressive structure, and seeks its demise.

So what you and I really need to think about when considering the same-sex “marriage” issue, is not whether Tom and Harry’s rights to show their love are infringed upon. They can show their love if they want to by holding a ceremony. They are free to live together. Nothing in law prevents this.

Do you see how the debate has been reframed under the notion of “human rights”?  The real question we should be discussing is this: is sexual liberation and the destruction of the nuclear family a good thing?

We hope this provokes you to deeper thinking – stay tuned for more.


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