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Say NO to legal brothels in WA

The WA Prostitution Bill makes prostitution a career option.

Christian Porter’s WA Prostitution Bill, which will be debated in WA Parliament this February, aims to legalise brothels for the first time ever in Western Australia. This means there could soon be a legal brothel in your local shopping centre or industrial area.

If you would like to say “NO” to brothels being made legal in WA, please download and sign the Petition against the new WA Prostitution Bill and encourage others to do the same. While prostitution may always be around, to legalise such a harmful industry is a matter of serious concern.

This action is in defence of those who are most exploited by this industry – women and children. While we should not underestimate our youth, we should never underestimate the selfishness of those who seek to gain from brothels being legalised. Their gain is from someone else’s pain – seen in the extremely high rates of abuse, drug addiction and mental illness recorded in this industry.

The new WA Prostitution Bill sends a confused message to our community. One element tries to toughen up against brothels in residential areas, but makes them lawful just up the road. It’s a lot like tolerating child abuse, but only in certain zones. When has this industry ever kept to zones? No-where in the world! After ten years of legal brothels in Queensland, 90% of prostitution remains illegal. Legalising brothels will open the floodgates and lead to a major growth in legal and illegal brothels. Most will ignore government rules.

The new bill also sends the wrong message to men: If you can’t learn to love and respect a woman, just buy one – and continue the abuse many received as children. Any positive elements in the new Bill – such as the funding of exit programs for prostitutes – can and should be achieved without legalising brothels.

The new WA Prostitution Bill is a big step in the wrong direction.

Feel free to print out as many posters and petitions as you like. You can be the coordinator – or ask someone to assist! Take them wherever you can: to your friends, neighbours, churches, workplaces, sporting and social clubs, etc. We only have a short window of opportunity to have a say and we need thousands of signatures to be heard. Contact FamilyVoice for more information.

Posters for download:
Poster 1: The Education Revulsion
Poster 2: When I Grow Up
Poster 3: Is it Really a Good Thing


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